Season 7 Extended

What are Extended Episodes?

Extended Episodes are original episodes but with deleted scenes added in. This makes every episode longer. This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing @TheOfficeExtend who created every single episode. He put a lot of time into making them and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. To show your appreciation you can follow his twitter and facebook page above.
Nepotism [Extended]
Michael refuses to fire the new office assistant after everyone complains about his bad attitude.
Air Date 23rd September 2010
Counseling [Extended]
Corporate makes Michael partake in counseling sessions in the office with Toby.
Air Date 30th September 2010
Andy’s Play [Extended]
Andy hopes to impress Erin when he is cast in the local production of "Sweeney Todd."
Air Date 7th October 2010
Sex Ed [Extended]
A medical scare forces Michael to contact all of his ex-girlfriends including Jan and Holly.
Air Date 14th October 2010
The Sting [Extended]
Dwight, Michael and Jim team up to spy on their rival salesman while Andy, Darryl and Kevin decide to start a band.
Air Date 21st October 2010
Costume Contest [Extended]
A Halloween costume contest in the office has employees vying for the grand prize of a coupon book.
Air Date 28th October 2010
Christening [Extended]
Pam and Jim prepare for Cece's baptism. When Cece goes missing, Jim fears Angela has taken her.
Air Date 4th November 2010
Viewing Party [Extended]
Michael attempts to sabotage Gabe's viewing party.
Air Date 11th November 2010
S07E09 [Extended]
Ryan gets the office invested in his internet start-up company,
Air Date 18th November 2010
China [Extended]
Oscar and Michael battle over who's smarter, while Pam takes a stand against Dwight and his way of running the office building.
Air Date 2nd December 2010
Classy Christmas [Extended]
When Toby gets called into jury duty, he alerts the office that Holly will be taking over his HR duties.
Air Date 9th December 2010
Ultimatum [Extended]
When Holly returns to work, the office wants to know whether she got engaged over New Year's or not.
Air Date 20th January 2011
The Seminar [Extended]
After Andy's sales numbers come in low, he hosts his own seminar in Dunder Mifflin's conference room.
Air Date 27th January 2011
PDA [Extended]
It's Valentine's Day in the office and everyone is getting sick and tired of Michael and Holly's PDAs.
Air Date 10th February 2011
Threat Level Midnight [Extended]
Michael finally screens his epic film masterpiece "Threat Level Midnight" for the office - but Holly reacts poorly.
Air Date 17th February 2011
Todd Packer [Extended]
Michael's favorite Dunder Mifflin traveling salesman, Todd Packer, shows up at the office wanting a desk job.
Air Date 24th February 2011
Garage Sale [Extended]
Michael finally pops the question to Holly while the office holds a garage sale in the warehouse.
Air Date 24th March 2011
Michael’s Last Dundies [Extended]
In his final days on the job, Michael trains Deangelo to take over hosting the Dundie Awards.
Air Date 21st April 2011
Goodbye Michael Scott [Extended]
Michael, about to leave for Colorado, wants a day without drama to say his goodbyes to each co-worker.
Air Date 28th April 2011
The Inner Circle [Extended]
When Deangelo creates an "Inner Circle" of only men, the women of the office object to his sexist ways.
Air Date 5th May 2011
Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager [Extended]
Dwight takes over for Deangelo and immediately begins applying his unique management style to Dunder Mifflin Sabre. Kathy Bates guest stars.
Air Date 12th May 2011