Season 5 Extended

What are Extended Episodes?

Extended Episodes are original episodes but with deleted scenes added in. This makes every episode longer. This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing @TheOfficeExtend who created every single episode. He put a lot of time into making them and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. To show your appreciation you can follow his twitter and facebook page above.
Weight Loss [Extended]
Michael tries to motivate the Scranton branch to lose weight as part of an interoffice competition.
Air Date 25th September 2008
Business Ethics [Extended]
A confession at an H.R. business ethics seminar leads to a dispute between Michael and Holly over whether Meredith should be fired.
Air Date 9th September 2008
Baby Shower [Extended]
After planning an office baby shower for Jan, Michael is upset when he finds out that she had the baby without him.
Air Date 16th October 2008
Crime Aid [Extended]
Michael and Holly have sex for the first time, and Michael holds a fund-raiser for the office after it is burglarized.
Air Date 23rd October 2008
Employee Transfer [Extended]
Holly is transferred back to New Hampshire after corporate discovers that she and Michael are dating.
Air Date 30th October 2008
Customer Survey [Extended]
Dwight and Jim believe that something is suspicious about their low customer performance ratings.
Air Date 6nd November 2008
Business Trip [Extended]
David Wallace sends Michael on a business trip to Winnipeg to help him forget about Holly's transfer to Nashua.
Air Date 13th November 2008
Frame Toby [Extended]
When Michael discovers that corporate has brought back Toby to replace Holly, he tries to frame him with drugs to get him fired.
Air Date 20th November 2008
The Surplus [Extended]
Michael has to spend the office surplus by they end of the day, but he can't decide between a copier or new chairs.
Air Date 4th December 2008
Moroccan Christmas [Extended]
Phyllis blackmails Angela into doing the work for the Christmas party, which Michael turns into an intervention after Meredith gets drunk.
Air Date 11th December 2008
The Duel [Extended]
Moments before he leaves for New York for a meeting with David Wallace, Michael tells Andy that Angela and Dwight are seeing each other.
Air Date 15th January 2009
Prince Family Paper [Extended]
Michael's conscience gets the best of him after he and Dwight go undercover to scout a family-run competitor.
Air Date 22nd January 2009
Stress Relief [Extended]
Dwight's too-realistic fire alarm gives Stanley a heart attack. When he returns, Michael learns that he is the cause of Stanley's stress.
Air Date 1st February 2009
Lecture Circuit Part 1 [Extended]
While on lecture tour to other Dunder Mifflin branches, Michael and Pam discover that Jim's ex-girlfriend Karen is pregnant.
Air Date 5th February 2009
Lecture Circuit Part 2 [Extended]
Michael and Pam go to Nashua and discover that Holly has a new boyfriend. At the office, Jim and Dwight try to come up with a theme for Kelly's birthday.
Air Date 12th February 2009
Blood Drive [Extended]
Michael holds a lonely hearts party on Valentine's Day at the office, hoping that he will run into a woman he met earlier that day at a blood drive.
Air Date 05th March 2009
Golden Ticket [Extended]
Michael asks Dwight to be the scapegoat for one of his business ideas that backfired badly on him.
Air Date 12th March 2009
New Boss [Extended]
Michael gets upset when he gets a new boss to act as a buffer between him and David Wallace.
Air Date 19th March 2009
Two Weeks [Extended]
As Michael prepares to leave Dunder Mifflin, he announces that he will form his own paper company. Will anybody join him?
Air Date 26th March 2009
Dream Team [Extended]
Michael and Pam begin their first day as the Michael Scott Paper Company begins putting together the rest of the staff.
Air Date 9th April 2009
Michael Scott Paper Company [Extended]
Tension and disillusionment begin to emerge as Michael, Pam, and Ryan move the Michael Scott Paper Company into a cramped "workspace".
Air Date 9th April 2009
Heavy Competition [Extended]
Dwight chooses loyalty to Dunder Mifflin over loyalty to Michael, which leads to a bitter battle between Michael and Dwight.
Air Date 16th April 2009
Broke [Extended]
The Michael Scott Paper Company is gaining clients by by offering lower prices than Dunder Mifflin, but is going broke in the process.
Air Date 23rd April 2009
Casual Friday [Extended]
Michael returns to Dunder Mifflin and brings Ryan and Pam in as salespeople, but the existing salespeople demand that Michael return the clients.
Air Date 30th April 2009
Cafe Disco [Extended]
Michael tries to create a place to escape from work in the storage room that used to house the Michael Scott Paper Company.
Air Date 7th May 2009
Company Picnic [Extended]
Michael runs into Holly at the company picnic, and the two of them accidentally reveal that the Buffalo branch is closing down. =
Air Date 14th May 2009